The Siberian Husky is a highly intelligent breed though it’s often labeled as stubborn, unmotivated or untrainable. But is this the truth? Huskies are curious creatures with independent spirit whose desire to please you doesn’t come from their nature/natural temperament. That’s why regular training methods usually don’t work well with them.

Training a dog can be challenging and sometimes frustrating from time to time. But one thing is certain: we all love our dogs, so we keep moving forward on the journey together to a relationship based on trust, respect and love.


  • strengthen the bond with your husky
  • become a better owner to your dog
  • have fun while you two learn
  • achieve effective and fast results
  • create clarity and avoid confusion
  • build up enthusiasm in training
  • get the dog of your dreams

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Why is it so important to be bonded with your dog?
How strong is your relationship with your siberian?

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Positive reinforcement based dog training means you reward the behaviours you like and ignore the ones you don’t.
When dog training is presented in forms of games rather than a ‘must’, results can be incredible!
Proven by science that a dog training method rich in reinforcement will have a massive and positive impact on your dog’s behaviour.


An unique approach

What exactly is the Butterfly Effect? The acts and steps which might seem small or simple, they all can be major and life changing to someone’s life. By applying this approach in dog training, you would make a small change at a time, each day in your daily routine, and the effect in your dog’s behaviour will be remarkable.

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This program was created to set guidelines and give you a structure how you can apply dog training games and exercises to your everyday life/living routines with your siberian. The course is strategically planned to build layers of understanding in your dog provided by the high rate of reinforcements and strong foundations.

Imagine that your siberian husky always comes when called, can walk on loose leash and has amazing focus on you!


The lessons are delivered to you via videos and written explanations on our online training platform. Video lessons can be paused and re-watched as many times as you want, the eBooks can be downloaded in PDF format.

Are you curious how the training program is built up? What types of modules exist and what will you learn?

minutes of training videos

pages of instructions

games and exercises

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Online learning

The benefits and flexibility of online training sets up your dog for success and makes learning more enjoyable!

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Step by step instructions
  • Distraction free environment
  • Available anytime, 24 hours a day
  • Train in the convenience of your home
  • Set your own schedule which fits in with your work-life balance
  • Watch, pause or even re-watch the videos until you fully understand them


Get answers to each of your questions!

Is this course suitable for all breeds?

Even though this course has been developed specifically for siberian huskies, it is suitable for any breeds, of course, and each one will benefit from it. Most huskies don’t like repetitive tasks as they get bored. This course has been created step by step to build up the dog’s confidence and enthusiasm in training.

I’ve used traditional training methods with my dog. Why should I switch to positive reinforcement?

You have two choices to create and change behaviours: punishment or rewards. It’s up to you which one you choose. Positive reinforcement training does not contain any aversive element! Punishment ruins the relationship with your siberian, increases stress and decreases your dog’s welfare. Beside these, punishment does not tell the dog what to do, what would have been the desired behaviour. Punishment can’t build behaviour, it can only suppress it. Everything you want to teach your dog can be communicated in the form of a game.

What are the advantages of learning online instead of being at a dog school?

The main advantage is that there is only a small amount of distraction or none at all. Your husky can focus on you and the task without these major distractions. This way of training sets up the dog for success and by that he gains more self confidence and will enjoy learning far more. The moment your dog succeeds in a distraction-free environment you can move to an area with mild distractions and so on. It is also a benefit that you can learn at your own pace, anytime when your schedule allows it and you can check out and read each tasks until you fully grasp them.

Our packages

Dog training - package


  • 6 modules and 39 exercises
  • 8 strategically designed lessons
  • New lessons in every 2 weeks
  • Unlimited access to training videos
  • Downloadable written explanations
  • No additional fees for second dog
  • Certificate for you & your siberian
  • Online support during the course
  • Access for 6 months

Dog training - premium package


  • 6 modules and 39 exercises
  • 8 strategically designed lessons
  • New lessons in every 2 weeks
  • Unlimited access to training videos
  • Downloadable written explanations
  • No additional fees for second dog
  • Certificate for you & your siberian
  • Online support during the course
  • Access for 12 months
  • Private coaching
  • Post your own training videos and receive specific feedback

We’re confident that Butterfly Effect Dog TraIning program will have a positive impact both on your life and your siberian’s.

That’s why we give you a
30 days money-back guarantee on your purchase.

If you are not completely satisfied for any reason we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. There’s no risk!

About Me

I’ve been owning, training and loving siberian huskies for 20+ years. I was charmed by their kind nature, mischievous look and incredible energy. On the other hand, I faced a range of specific challenges with the breed. Their independent personality, strong will and intelligence caused me quite a headache many times.

I didn’t want that kind of relationship with my dogs that traditional training methods could offer. Failures and difficulties have encouraged me to constantly learn new things and find solutions. Which I believe I have.

My goal is to help dog owners to understand their siberian huskies better and to provide them effective methods and tools by which they can have the dog they’ve always wanted.

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We can agree that no two dogs are the same, each have their unique character and personality. When you focus on what makes YOUR DOG special, what reinforces him, you will discover a whole new level of relationship with your husky what cannot be compared to anything that the two of you had before. Get on the road to establish a stronger, healthier and more trustful connection between you.

Invest in your future happiness! The worst that can happen is that you will have a greater bond with your siberian. The knowledge you acquire here will be your asset and you will be able to use it with every dog in the future.

And remember: ENJOY THE JOURNEY!