How to teach your husky to come back to you?

22. April 2020.

My first husky

Husky owners know and experience that these dogs are independent, always curious and highly intelligent. Sometimes this combination of characteristics can be challenging to deal with. Especially when their strong prey drive comes up as a bonus.

In my experience some owners tend to accept the presumption as a fact that a husky can never be trained to be off-leash and will never have a good recall. Of course, we can find several examples to disprove that.

 I agree that huskies shouldn’t be off-leash until they are taught a proper and reliable recall. However, it’s not acceptable – in my opininon – do not even give a try teaching your siberian this skill. When you say your husky is untrainable, stubborn or hard-headed you’re just making excuses. I consider this as one of the most important skills your dog must have.

A recall can save your dog’s life once! Even if you decide not to give him freedom without a leash or a fenced area, won’t it worth training him to come back to you in spite of anything?

My first husky

So how does a great and reliable recall look like in my opinion? 

1. The dog comes back for the FIRST call. I don’t want to beg to my dog, I don’t intend to repeat the call. You must teach your dog that when he hears the magic word, he must come back to you.
2. The dog IMMEDIATELY stops what he has been doing and comes back to you. No more sniffing, playing or anything, when he hears the word.

  1. The dog runs to you ON THE QUICKEST WAY.
  2. The dog arrives RIGHT NEXT to you or in front of you, doesn’t pass by.
  3. Your dog comes EVERY TIME you call him, no matter what distractions are present.
  4. The dog comes back ENTHUSIASTICALLY. He doesn’t come back as he is afraid of the consequence, instead, he runs to you happily, tail wagging.

In our training program we teach you how to achieve this kind of recall with your siberian. You can teach your dog that coming back to you is the best game he can think of. We use positive reinforcement to build and strengthen the behaviour and avoid using e-collars and similar tools.

If you put the time and energy teaching the groundwork of this skill, it will have a huge impact on your relationship with your siberian.

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