27. October 2019.


My name is Eniko Buza and I’ve created this blog so you can get to know me better, my dogs and the methods I work with.
I’ll try to touch on matters which will help you with more information as a siberian husky owner and learn about things you may practice in real life.

First, I’d like to introduce myself in a few words.
I was born in 1991 and I love animals, especially dogs since I can remember. I was probably around 4-5 years old when I started to beg for a dog to my parents. I did not just want any dog, I specifically wanted a siberian husky! I learned to read from dog encyclopedias, at the age of 6 I was subscriber of the Husky Magazine and spent my weekends on dog shows to meet with breeders. Overall, I did whatever I could that my parents would see that I am determined and my desire for a puppy is not just a passing whim.

My parents divorced in 1999 and as a “recompense” I was able to have my first dog. As most of the first husky owners, I also wanted to have a black-white, blue eyed girl. At the chosen kennel there was a female like this. However, when we arrived at the location I fell in love with a beautiful chocolate-white little boy. We chose each other. This is how I got my first dog, Bucky.

My first husky
I was 8 and I knew everything about how to take care of a dog and how to raise one from the books that were available at the time. With my actual knowledge I would never recommend to a beginner to choose a husky as first dog. With Bucky, I was very lucky. He was an exceptionally calm, gentle dog with a “kind to everyone” attitude. I was always with him, and we grew deeply attached to each other, we became best friends.
We did not go to dog schools nor visit trainers using traditional type dog training methods which I found repulsive even at that age – thereby I started to teach my dog on my own. At the time I did not hear much about positive reinforcement or clicker training, unfortunately.

A few years later Myra joined us, a beautiful husky female. She was a bigger challenge for me, she represented all the positive and negative qualities of the breed.

We attended several dog shows with Bucky, where I began to compete in junior handling. At this event not the appearance of the dogs are being judged, instead the judge watches the handler how well she/he can control and handle the dog, knows the specific breed, etc. I competed for 6 years and in 2006 I successfully became the National Champion and qualified myself for the most prestigious dog show of the world, the Cruft’s.

Later I started to work as a handler on dog shows. During these couple of years and due to being a junior handler, I had the chance to work with more than 75 breeds. Here I learned a lot about dogs, the difference between breeds and the distinction between dogs within one breed.

Years went by and I constantly tried to improve my knowledge about dogs. I took a dog groomer exam, participated in a dog first aid course, worked as an assistant at a vet’s clinic and attended several seminars and online courses.

My dogs passed away at the age of 14, they’re still deeply missed. At the time I was in my senior year and since I still had to heal from the experience, I did not want another puppy immediately.

In 2015 I received my law degree and then Merlin arrived. You can read about him in a separate blog post, however, I would like to mention here that all my knowledge and experience with dogs got questioned because of him. 🙂 He is the reason that this course came into existence. Within the past couple of years, I learned much more about dogs because of Merlin, than I did up to that point from the moment I started reading. Together we tried several dog sports and I’ve become addicted to agility.

Therefore, I decided that my next family member would be a dog who is specifically eligible and bred for this sport. Nova the working-line border collie joined us in 2018.

In the past 20+ years learning about, working with and being around dogs has become more than just a hobby, it is the way I want to live my life, it is me.

My goal is to help dog owners to understand their siberian huskies better and to provide them effective methods and tools by which they can have the dog they always wanted, without bullying or using abusive training tools.

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