My thoughts about positive reinforcement dog training

2. June 2020.

My first husky

When you start thinking of training your dog, you can choose from several methods or you can even combinate them, the limit is the sky. Either one you choose, there are always pros and cons. They have two sides like all things in life.  

Dog trainers generally defend the used method fervently and often criticize those who chose another technique. This kind of debate occurs between positive reinforcement and regular dog training methods. The conflict seems to be constant unfortunately, and we can expect it long term.
However, we don’t have to go far to compare the different methods to find conflict between dog trainers. It’s enough to take a look at the approach of the individual positive reinforcement trainers. Some of them mostly lure the dogs while others use shaping, some use some kinds of punishment, whilst others completely refuse to do so.

When you start training your dog, it is YOUR right and responsibility to choose – based on your own standards and knowledge – what is the best possible method for your siberian. You decide, because you know and live with that dog. You can be sure that not everyone will like the method of your choice and the style you intend to teach. But no worries, it is impossible to meet all expectations. And you don’t even have to.

Siberian huskies are often misunderstood, and owners are struggling with their dog’s behaviour traits. By not knowing the breed well enough, the lack of training success and the common behavioral issues may all lead to an unhealthy, unwanted owner-pet relationship. More and more huskies end up in shelters as their owners can’t bear with the issues arising from the breed’s nature.

I use positive reinforcement to train dogs. In my experience, this is the only method that can create the type of relationship which I want to have with my dogs. I believe dog training is always supposed to be fun for both parties.
I’m confident and happy with the path I choose. It’s not my intention to convince others and persuade them to pick the method I use, nor to criticize other trainers and techniques.
I’d like to surround myself with like-minded people to help, support and motivate them during their training journey with their siberian.

By creating this course, my aim is to help owners to get to know and understand their siberian huskies better. I want to open their eyes that this wonderful breed IS trainable and can be motivated. I want to encourage them to put the time and energy into training to establish a relationship based on trust, respect, and love.

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