Why I believe in online dog training?

24. June 2020.

My first husky

I remember my first online dog training course well. It occurred several years ago and I was extremely sceptic if this was going to make any sense at all, or it will be just a waste of money.

As weeks went by and I started to see the progress in my dog’s behaviour, I became an addict – I could barely wait to get my hands on the new materials each week and was eager that we could practice more and more new tasks.

Since then I participated several online trainings and due to all my good experience I decided to share some of the reasons why I love online dog trainings:

  •  Distraction free environment

This was the strongest reason I wanted to try online trainings. When you start teaching a new skill or behaviour distraction free environment is essential, especially when you want to train a high-drive, sometimes hard to train breed like a husky.
Regular dog schools can’t provide this obviously – interesting smells, other dogs, several distractions will hinder your dog, so he is unable to focus on you 100%.
In case of the online training we start every new exercise in a distraction free environment and only move on when your dog was successful at the previous level. We add distractions step by step, keeping your dog’s focus and willingness to learn high.

  • You can learn at your own pace

This point is in accordance with the distraction free environment. In a dog school they won’t wait for your dog to master a task during a group class. You have to move on, even if you did not practice enough yet. It’s not a good feeling to be the last one… the point is, your dog isn’t dum, simply huskies usually do not perform well in such trainings. As they don’t like the repetitive tasks and most of them are not able to focus on one thing for a long period of time, they often fail in dog classes.
How would it feel – both for you and for your dog –to shine during trainings? With online education, you have limitless time, you don’t have to adjust to others nor compare yourself with the rest of the team. You can do each task in your own pace and make step by step progress.

  • 100% focus on you and your dog

When you attend to a dog training class – even if it’s a private training – the time the trainer spends with you is limited. If you cannot practice an exercise at home enough and you get stuck, it may be unpleasant to request help from your trainer outside of class hours. Can I call him? Or should I write an e-mail? Does he have time to deal with our problem after his work time is over?During the online training you can practice as much as you want, and you’ll always receive face-to-face feedback from the trainer. You can ask questions any time and request help without hesitation if you get stuck.

  • It’s cheaper

You may ask: compare to what? Well, a better group dog training or a basic obedience class cost around $300-500. These are usually 6-week programs, one session/week.
Private trainings are even more expensive, they may even cost $150 /session.
With online trainings, you generally pay for a set time period, let’s say a year or half a year. If you divide this, you can see that online training worth a lot more long term than regular training.

  • It’s comfier

I believe I don’t have to go into a lot of details here… 🙂 You don’t have to get ready, get in your car and drive to the dog school, and then back home.
You can do the exercises in the convenience of your home. You just get into your comfiest clothes and can start practicing. If you’re a kind of lazy person like me, who likes to sit on the couch at the end of the day, but you would like to teach your dog at the same time the way so you can actually see the results of your efforts, then I have no doubt, this is the right training style for you.

  • It’s more effective

If you attend a dog training class, it generally means 1 hour of intensive training + homework (if you are lucky).
With online training, you can teach your dog if your time allows. Your progress will be faster when you practice 15 min daily or if you can do 2-3 shorter sessions throughout the day, than if you do 1 hour per week intensively. Short sessions guarantee that your dog’s learning spirit remains high and he will enjoy the training.

Online training doesn’t mean that you won’t leave your house/apartment. It means that you will start learning at home, in a calm environment. When your dog did several successful sessions, you can begin to practice outside the house with low distractions present and so on.

This type of training sets up the dog for success and through that he gains more self-confidence and will enjoy learning far more!

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