To make it simple, positive reinforcement dog training means you reward the behaviours you like and ignore the ones you don’t.

We need to understand that our dogs don’t do certain things to upset us or make us angry. They are a lot more selfish than to care about our feelings. Dogs are self-satisfying creatures, they do what is reinforcing.
If a behaviour is pleasurable (chewing a bone, digging a hole, chasing the cat, etc.), they will display that behaviour more and more often. If a behaviour is not pleasurable or if it has an unpleasant result the dog will do that behaviour less and less. When a dog is allowed the freedom to choose what is most rewarding to him, he always will!

Reinforcement builds behaviour, and what is reinforced will be repeated – that’s the key.

You have two choices to create and change behaviours: punishment or rewards. It’s up to you which one you choose. Positive reinforcement training does not contain any aversive element! Punishment ruins the relationship with your siberian, increases stress and decreases your dog’s welfare. Beside these, punishment does not tell the dog what to do, what would have been the desired behaviour. Punishment can’t build behaviour, it can only suppress it!

Everything you want to teach your dog can be communicated in the form of a game.


Every lesson is strategically planned to build layers of understanding in your dog with step by step instructions.

The course includes 8 lessons and as many games and exercises that you will even have tasks after it is over. During the 6 months period (12 months for Premium members) hopefully you will have experienced the benefits of the slight lifestyle change so you will keep training your siberian further on. You know, practice makes perfect!

You don’t have to be a professional dog trainer, you just need to know your own dog. What he likes to do, his favourite reward, what motivates him, what he is afraid of, etc. If you understand the science of dog training, how dogs learn and you are capable of applying these principles in life, you’ll be able to teach anything to your siberian.

The success of training your siberian depends on your ability to control what is reinforcing for him. You’re responsible for controlling the environment, create motivation and desire in your dog to work with you.

In this course we’ll show your dog that learning is FUN and we’ll create great value for YOU!



  • Theory of learning
  • Basic principles and science of how dogs learn
  • How to teach any new behaviour
  • How, where and when to reward
  • Reasons behind different reward structures
  • What to do when training breaks down
  • How to teach an unmotivated dog


  • All of these games help to develop strong relationship with your siberian
  • Builds the bond and connection with your dog, so he wants to listen to you
  • Builds value for being close to you
  • You’ll learn how to teach loose leash walking


  • Your siberian will learn an immediate & reliable recall
  • Teach your dog to come anytime when called
  • Even in the presence of high level of distractions
  • Teach it in form of games instead of electric collar


  • You will be able to take more control of your dog

  • You’ll be able to get your siberian to focus on you

  • Teaching your dog that work and play are the same

  • The games will boost your dog’s confidence

  • Your siberian’s attitude about his work with you will improve

  • Your husky will learn that he always has choices and that choices always have consequences


  • Teaches your dog to relax
  • Creates self control for any dog
  • Increases drive to work with you
  • An easy way to introduce distractions to your siberian
  • With a crate you don’t have to interfere if your dog makes a wrong choice


  • Trick training teaches impulse control and focus
  • Helps both of you to learn shaping
  • Helps your dog to learn the concepts of learning
  • Teaches your dog how to solve problems and come through failures


  • Helps building stamina and muscle tones
  • Increases endurance and concentration
  • Creates body awareness and sense of balance
  • Contributes to your dog’s overall well-being
  • Provides positive mental stimulation and helps to release pent-up energy
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